Learning yoga

Learning yoga

Ask my friends.  I am easily distracted.  I’m also extremely curious and have a ridiculously low boredom threshold coupled with high energy levels.  My Chinese astrological sign is monkey which says it all really.  Being aware of my tendency to be easily distracted I took up yoga about thirteen years ago .  It seemed to work for me.

Yoga tools for the mind
Holding some of the postures, like standing on your head for example, stops you thinking.  As soon as you think you fall over.  So this was a useful tool to shut my monkey mind up and help me focus better.  As I studied yoga more and more I learned that the physical postures are just one tiny aspect of what yoga is about. The more you study you begin to realise that the physical aspect of yoga is just one of the tools to help you sharpen the mind and focus on the present.

Its really tricky to simply sit still and breathe and clear our head of thoughts.  Everyone knows its good for us to do that but when we live in a place like London its easy to get distracted and easy to start comparing ourselves with others – people we may perceive as happier, more successful or better looking.  Yoga helps stop that needless self destructive internal chatter.  Yoga provides us with a range of tools enabling us to focus our attention on the present.

Other tools from yoga, apart from the physical postures, include things like repetitive chanting of a mantra.  If you repeat a self affirming mantra in your head over and over you crowd out the negative self destructive thoughts.

Another technique is to start creating a mindset of kindness and compassion  to others.  If you spend a few moments every day focusing on someone in need or someone in trouble it brings your own problems into perspective.  My little sister Jane dart is amazing at this.  She’s a nurse and every year volunteers her time to go to Ecuador with a team of other Canadian nurses and doctors to perform operations for people living in poverty and without access to medical care

How yoga toughens us up

Prakriti is the Sanskrit name for nature.   Nature throws randomness at us. We think we are in control of our destiny until nature throws wind and rain and illness and good fortune or sadness and pain at us.  We think we have control of our destiny until we bump into reality.  We create a soft nest and insulate ourselves as best we can from the ups and downs of life.  In truth we can only do so much to protect ourselves from what nature has to throw at us.

Most of us try to protect ourselves from what the ups and downs of life by accumulating material possessions.  Yoga creates a different kind of insulation.  Yoga teaches us that life is random and the only thing that is truly within your gift is to remain hopeful and optimistic in the face of adversity.  That’s not to say be naively optimistic but  continue to draw on an inner well of joy. Retaining hope, optimism and positive energy is the best way to enjoy the good times and shield ourselves from the inevitable bad times that nature occasional flings our way.

The physical and mental exercises from the eight limbs of yoga train our minds to remain resilient and upbeat as storms crash around us.  Patanjali wrote the yoga sutras 2,000 years ago to help us be more like warriors, strong and resilient as nature throws all that it has at us. They teach us to build strength from the inside out.



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