Developing emotional intelligence

Recently I did a series of Wellbeing workshops for staff at the House of Commons.  In most of the workshops I introduced myself as a former Corporate Finance manager
who retrained by taking a Masters degree in Positive Psychology and then spent years investigating the parallels between Western Psychology, Buddhism and Yoga.
In one of the workshops I introduced myself as a Yoga teacher who used to work in finance.  In general the feedback from the staff was excellent. From the group where I described myself as a Yoga teacher the feedback was decidedly mixed! For example , “why are we taking  wellbeing advice in the workplace from a yoga teacher?”
It was an important lesson for me.  If you have knowledge and experience, let people know about your expertise. I know it sounds obvious but it really brought home to me
the importance of how you project yourself and the power of first impressions. People’s impressions of who they think you are dominate your future relationship.
We need to train our mind to overcome this initial priming and learn to listen with depth – not just to new people but to the colleagues and loved ones that we have had
relationships with for many years.  Our past experiences can drown out the fresh information that people may be trying to give us.
The most emotionally intelligent amongst us stay open to new ideas and fresh signals and use conversations with both old and new acquaintances to better understand
their place in the world.
I started this newsletter by setting out my expertise but my knowledge does not equate to mastery.  As we become more expert in a subject we need to strive to develop the strength
of humility.  Experts need to be confident in their ability to absorb information but not be consumed by their subject and aloof from the rest of us.  Masters in a subject acknowledge
that the more they learn, the more there is to learn and the less certain they can be in their views.  They have confidence in not knowing and seek out the views of others.
The same applies to all of us.  We need to keep listening with fresh ears and eyes.
If you’re interested in learning a model for developing emotional intelligence I’m running an intro course on Saturday s 19 th January

New Saturday clinic

Sports,Deep Tissue and Holisic Massage all day with Zoe and Claudia
One to one Yoga OR Deep Tissue Massage and Reiki with Andy 1 to 5pm
Acupuncture and Chinese medicine with Simon 1 to 5pm
Call 0207 261 1658 to book
Hope you found this useful Andy 🙂

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