Hypnotherapy and virtual gastric bands

Monica’s Weight Loss Clinic at Breathe London is now specializing in the Virtual Gastric Band Surgery Technique. This technique has helped thousands of overweight people worldwide to lose weight without the need of actual surgery.

With growing worldwide concerns about the ramifications of an increasingly overweight population, the undoubted links between obesity related diabetes, cardio/respiratory disease, plus numerous other preventable conditions, such as arthritis and orthopedic related conditions, make intervention necessary in changing habits and behaviors of overweight patients, but also economically valuable. The long term drain on NHS and health care providers can be significantly reduced.

In many cases, surgeries cannot be performed due to the patient’s weight, and the need to delay surgery whilst patients try to lose weight can be life-threatening. In others, losing weight can reverse symptoms thereby avoiding surgery altogether. Surgical interventions such as the use of the gastric band have been shown to result in improvements in quality of life and a reduction in overweight related diseases as mentioned above.

Hence weight loss surgery is on the increase. However, as we know all surgeries carry a risk, so if a safe alternative to surgical interventions in weight management can be found, the benefit to patients will be significant and lifelong.

In a recent report 21st March 2011, Jacque Himpens MD of the European School of Laparoscopic Surgery stated “…surgery is not the answer to reducing obesity. It has a part to play, but we should focus on changing behavior, reducing the amount of food eaten and eliminating snacking”.
This is in line with the Hypnotherapeutic approach using Virtual Gastric Band Surgery.

Hypnotherapy for the Virtual Gastric Band Treatment is a new and fast growing aspect of hypnotherapy, and the preferred alternative to Bariatric Surgery.

Designed for people who find it difficult to lose weight on their own, Virtual Gastric Band surgery is a method that utilises a patient’s conscious and unconscious mind to the maximum benefit without the obvious necessity of undergoing a surgical procedure and the inherent risks that involve.
Monica combines approaches within the eclectic nature of Hypnotherapy so that treatment can be tailored to each individual patient.

VGBS consists of 5 – 6 sessions taking you through the programme by the use of NLP, CBT, and Hypnosis. From the first session you’ll find your entire attitude towards food changes, and this gives you a new and permanent healthy way of life to go forward with, allowing you to maintain your ideal healthy weight. You’ll find all of this will have a knock-on effect by boosting your self confidence and self-esteem.

A diet is: – “Any system of eating that attempts to exert external control over what, where, when or how much you eat” so FORGET DIETING:

Diets don’t, work. When you deprive/deny yourself of something you become depraved – all you can think about is that food you’re denying yourself of.

By going ‘on’ a diet’ means you will be coming ‘off’ a diet . Diets are a short cut to a feeling of failure and ultimately an increase in weight occurs. Overall research shows that 90% of diets fail!!! Also diets do not address the reasons as to why we become overweight and that emotional relationship those who are overweight have with food.

The word ‘diet’ comes from a Greek word ‘Diata’ which means “manner of living – or way of life”. A true diet therefore has absolutely nothing to do with a short term attempt to lose ‘a bit of weight’. A true diet is ‘a way of life’ that gives you the emotional and physical requirements for you to be your ideal weight (and health) for the LONG TERM.

The hypnotherapeutic approach using Virtual Gastric Band Surgery will also deal with the reasons you have become overweight. Food is not your enemy it’s your friend.

More and more research is looking at the all important link between the brain and the gut. We now know that approximately 80 percent of the human body’s total serotonin is located in gut cells. Only a few years ago we thought serotonin only existed in the brain. Serotonin is “the happy neurotransmitter”, responsible for the regulation of mood, appetite, sleep, as well as muscle contraction. It also has some cognitive functions, including in memory and learning. Ever had a “gut feeling” about something? Well, now you know why! It is therefore hardly surprising that our relationship with food is so deeply emotional. So much so that – in most instances – our minds are the best place to start when looking for the root of problems relating to body weight, eating disorders, and even digestive issues. Given that appetite regulation is one of the key functions of serotonin, understanding this brain-gut relationship seems paramount to resolving any issues with portion control, overeating and weight management.

To find out more about Breathe Londons weight management programmes with Monica, Jo and Claudia go to  http://breathe-london.com/nutrition-therapy-waterloo and http://breathe-london.com/hypnotherapy


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  1. I have a specific interest in hypnosis for the treatment of overeating and am interested in understanding the long-term effectiveness of losing weight with gastric band hypnosis in contrast to resolving the cause of the problem with curative hypnotherapy. I’d be interested in yours / anyone else’s opinions on the two differing approaches. Of course, any method that enables weight loss safely and without the need for surgery should be praised and blogs like this help to publicise hypnotherapy as a viable option to those who have struggled with fad diets.

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