Kahuna philosophy

Continuing the theme of last weeks newsletter I’m going to introduce some of the important wellbeing courses that I’ve been on over the last thirteen years.

This week I’m going to introduce Kahuna philosophy and bodywork.  Kahuna was one of the first types of bodywork that I learnt back in Sydney (some 13 years ago).  The course was run by an amazing Irish woman, Nemara Hennigan and the training venue was in the beautiful South National park in Sydney.  As we were taught we could see the Pacific glinting, the sandy beaches and hear cockatoos and kookaburras playing.

Ka huna literally means light and wisdom.  It is the beautiful marriage of positive intention and knowledge and echoes the core teaching of Buddhism and Hinduism – that at our core, each of us is already perfect and all we need to do is develop practices that allow this beauty and radiance to shine through.

On day one of our training we spent many hours sitting on a beach doing a mindfulness exercise which involved brushing sand into piles and then brushing the sand apart.  We learnt to focus our attention and made our hands move with the action of a wave and gentle caress.  This brought to mind some key aspects of kahuna which have proved valuable in all areas of my life:

– When you do something put all your energy and attention into it at that moment

– Healing is soft and gentle –  it should cleanse and caress you like a wave

– As you brush the sand you stay connected at all times, your hands move in one direction and then turn without loosing contact.  This taught me many things.  In bodywork I approach the person gently and stay connected.  In positive psychology coaching and in my friendships I try to engage, listen and be dependable and supportive

The Kahuna centre in Sydney has explained the philosophies seven key principals in a beautiful way.  Over the years I’ve tried to bring each of these into my own life and into the way that work at Breathe London.  They also formed part of the basis of my interest in Positive Psychology.  Take a look at each of these and see if you can build these principals into your relationships and work.

IKE (ee-kay) – The world is what you think it is

Our thoughts make us who and what we are. If you want to change your situation, all you have to do is change your thoughts! Your body and your life will follow! Alter the way you see reality and you WILL alter reality.

KALA (kah-lah) – There are no limits – Be Free

Following on from Ike – ensure that when you think, you think without limitation! Don’t think about the things that you are “allowed” to have, or the things you believe are “just possible”. The most successful people think without limitations. Be free in your thinking! Whatever the mind of a person can conceive and believe, it can achieve! So THINK BIG.

MAKIA (mah-kee-ah) – Energy flows where attention goes – Be Focused

Have you ever noticed that the more interested you are in something the more likely you are to do something about it? Whatever holds your interest will also tend to attract your emotional and physical energy. The more successful a person is, the more you will find that they direct and hold their energy on something by conscious choice. They don’t wait for something to catch their attention; they go out and catch something with their attention. A person at all times has a choice as what to focus their attention on – so be focused on what you want at all times.

MANAWA (mah-nah-wah) – Now is the moment of power – Be Here

The past or future does not have any power because you can’t touch it, taste it, smell it, feel it or react to it in any way. For all practical purposes it doesn’t even exist! All we have right now is the memory of things, skills, pains, and experiences. It’s the memories that we respond to now – not the past itself. The memories exist in the present moment and you can alter your relationship to them – change your thinking about them and thereby change the effect on your life.

As for the future, no one knows what is going to happen. We can make logical or intuitive guesses but we don’t really know. However if we think of the future as a blank slate (rather than fixed or predestined) then we give ourselves permission to try anything.

ALOHA (ah-lo-hah) –  Be Happy

Aloha means many things, but in one word perhaps it’s best described as “love”. Love is happiness. Aloha is a caring for others as well as or as much as for your own self. Australians say, “no worries” – the Hawaiians use the idea of Aloha to define their society, their relationship with each other and their philosophy of life. It is with “aloha spirit” that all things are done. Not meant to harm and not meant to cause unhappiness to others.

MANA (mah-nah) – All power comes from within – Be Confident

Mana is power or energy. All power comes from within. Hawaiian belief is that Mana is the name for the one source of all the power that exists in the universe. This power is universal and flows through not only us, but through animals and plants, the foundation of the earth, the skies and planets, and everything that we know exists. It’s a life energy so to speak. This Mana flows through us and gives us the power to do what we believe we can do. The power to do anything that we decide to do and that we take action towards.

PONO (poh-noh) – Effectiveness is the measure of truth – Be Positive

Effectiveness is the measure of truth. A method, a plan, certain actions, when put in motion may work. If they work, that is all you need to be concerned with. There are many ways to do most things. Don’t pigeon-hole yourself into thinking that you can only accomplish something in one way or that there is only one truth. For instance, how many ways are there that someone could find happiness? A million? How many ways could someone cook a fish? Create a pyramid? Make money to buy a car? Because you see someone accomplish something using one method, do not believe that there is just that one method. There are likely many more ways to go about it. That there are always alternatives to what you’re doing is the crux of “Pono” – do what feels right for you.

I hope you found this useful

Love Andy

Thank you Nemara  for being such a wonderful inspiration . For anyone going on holiday check out her centre in Paddington http://www.sydneykahuna.com.au/

Our next relaxation and energy course is Sat 28th January http://breathe-london.com/relaxationworkshop


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