Curiosity – a key ingredient to wellbeing

Are you open and curious or do you hold on to rigid expectations.?

Being open to new (and old) experiences and open to continuous learning, having a growth as opposed to a fixed mind-set, has a great effect on every aspect of your happiness and well-being.

Research is showing that having a growth mind-set rather than being fixed in how we see the world is an important distinction between people who thrive and those who don’t.

People with a growth mind-set never stop learning.  Your ability to adapt and learn is a key component of your happiness and well-being.

We all face challenges and change, and having an attitude that embraces personal growth happens when we are willing to learn. Setbacks and failure are opportunities to improve and grow. People with a growth mind-set love challenges and new experiences.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

Albert Einstein,1879–1955

According to the psychologist Carol Dweck someone with a growth mind-set:

·         Is open to new ideas.

·         Enjoys challenges.

·         Believes that abilities develop.

·         Believes that lives and relationships and other people develop.

·         Work at relationships.

·         Is always learning (especially from setbacks)

Whereas people with a fixed mind-set:

·         Believe that ability and intelligence are innate.

·         Are Judgemental.

·         Limit their achievement (crumbles in the face of challenge and adversity).

·         Believe that that if they have to work at things they must be stupid – it should come naturally.

·         Believe that if relationships need work they must be wrong

How can you become more curious? Curiosity does more than broaden your mind; curiosity is a significant factor in well-being. Research has proved that the more curious we are the happier we are, both in our pleasure and joy in the moment and in our general well-being. The psychologist Todd Kashdan calls curiosity the ‘engine of wellbeing’. Knowing who you are, what you enjoy, how your life can be better, safer, happier or easier is the beginning of making it so. The more curious you are the bigger your world gets, and your knowledge of yourself, others and the world deepens.

Anxiety can be cured with curiosity. Next time you feel anxious you may notice that it is because there is something you don’t know, so why not:

·         Get curious about why you are anxious.

·         Find out what you need to do.

·         Say you don’t understand.

The more open you are to new ideas and perspectives the more you will be able to affect your happiness and well-being.

Why no decide today be open and curious to any and all possibilities and to let go of any attachment to specific outcomes.


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  1. Seosamh o Glacain

    Brilliant stuff Marie.Ive just found your writings today and am a fan already as they are the reality of living life as we should.Beannacht De a Chara Joe ( Seosamh )

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