Tai Chi exercises for the heart

Keith Graham is a member of the Breathe London wellbeing team and is  a senior Tai Chi and Chi Gong Instructor with The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. He lives and teaches on the Isle of Wight and in London. For more information about classes and workshops with Keith go to http://breathe-london.com/rolfing

We all experience times when the road is hard and difficult to follow, in these times more than any other, we need a strong heart full of compassion for ourselves and others.


Practice this lovely heart exercise as often as you like.

Standing or sitting, take a deep breath in as you bring the palms to the chest. As you breath out through the mouth make a soft “haa” sound. At the same time stretch the arms out, palms forward as if pushing something away. Imagine that you are emptying your heart of all the negative energy it may have accumulated for what ever reason. Repeat this cycle twice more, bringing the palms back to the chest and then breathing and pushing out all the energy that you don’t want.


For added power you may like to imagine that as this black sticky energy leaves your body that it transforms into golden light benefiting all beings.


Next, on the ‘in’ breath move the hands out in a wide arc above your head and bring them back to your heart. Visualizing gathering all the good energy you can hold and pouring it into your heart centre. Then, with the palms on the chest, take a long relaxed breath out.


Start to breathe in again this time send the hands downward as if scooping up a large armful of energy from the earth. Bring this back to the heart as you complete the ‘in’ breath. Breath out and relax.


On the next ‘in’ breath move the arms in a wide horizontal arc as if hugging a huge bear. Visualise gathering good energy from the whole universe and bringing it back to your heart. Breath out with the palms resting on the chest.

Repeat the whole cycle twice more.

Finish by bringing the heart energy down to the Tan Tien by pushing it with your downward facing palms on an ‘out’ breath. With love and blessings, Keith

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