The power of your thoughts

This week we continue our posts contributed by guest editors who are also wellbeing professionals.  Charlotte Style, author of “Brilliant Positive Psychology” reminds us of the common-sense fact that kindness and happiness go hand-in-hand and suggests ways to become both kinder, and happier! 

Gravity is so virtual we can only measure its effects.  Your thoughts are as powerful as gravity. What you think effects not only your experience of the world but effects and creates the world.

We cannot measure the power of human thought but we live with its effects.

What you think about other people has effect.

In a very powerful study, one teacher was given a class and told how lucky she was as she had all the bright children, and another teacher was told the opposite – bad luck, you have all the difficult stupid kids. Actually all the children had been randomly assigned to each class but the effect on the achievements of both classes was significantly different.


 Think the best of the next person you talk to.


Victor Frankl uses the analogy of flying against a strong cross-wind; you have to aim ahead of where you are going to get there because the wind is blowing you off course. Seeing other people this way has the same effect; seeing and believing in the full potential someone holds will support them becoming who they are, rather than seeing them ‘as they are’ and letting the head wind blow them back.

 K.J. Klob and L. Jussim (1994). Teacher expectations and underachieving gifted children. Roeper Review, 17(1), 26–30.

Chatlotte is a member of the Breathe London wellbeing team.  To book a coaching session with Charlotte go to


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