The importance of vulnerability

This week we continue our posts contributed by guest editors who are also wellbeing professionals.  Charlotte Style, author of “Brilliant Positive Psychology” reminds us of the common-sense fact that kindness and happiness go hand-in-hand and suggests ways to become both kinder, and happier!

This is such an important subject. If you look at nothing else on this blog watch Brene Brown

I have found everything she talks about is true, in my own life and with clients.

The relationship of weakness and strength is much more than having the courage to ask for help. It is  about being strong enough to embrace weakness and stand in the hard place and accept and embrace all that we are.

Real weakness, real vulnerability, is something we are uncomfortable and struggle with, but shouldn’t stop us from accepting ourselves as we really are. Owning, rather than denying this part of ourselves allows us to accept and love others with true intimacy.

I learned a long time ago that the part of me that I wanted to change and loose, the me I was most ashamed of, was a part of me that people connected to. I still feel useless and vulnerable sometimes, however, the more accepting I am of my own weaknesses the more able I have been to love and accept weakness and vulnerability in others.

Do you love your friends because they are perfect or because they feel safe enough with you to let you see thier flaws?

Chatlotte is a member of the Breathe London wellbeing team.  To book a coaching session with Charlotte go to



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