Social networking and Breathe London clients



Last week I went to Media weeks annual convention where I sat through a whole series of talks about the do’s and don’t of social networking with clients –  how to build relationships and drum up business without seeming pushy.

One of the speakers said that if you feel the need to be moving forward in all directions all the time you are doing the right thing.  For me this feels a little at odds with running a wellbeing business which emphasises calmness and flow.

This introduces a wider issue of how we all connect with each other, whether our  increased connectivity is somehow making our connections shallower, less tactile and less human.  Buddhist and Vedic teaching would emphasise that what we choose to connect with and the manner in which we connect has a profound effect on our wellbeing.  Having all these points of connection might be a source of great energy and power for many but it can also be a powerful drain on our attention.  For some people the opportunities presented by a colourful, stimulating digital world mean that they are always urgently restless.  Unsatisfied with the present, devouring the future.

There were so many conflicting messages about how to connect properly with our clients and friends.  I was left in a confused state about how best to use Twitter, Facebook, The Breathe London wellbeing blog and Breathe mail newsletter.  In general we attempt to provide you with reliable information about wellbeing and rarely actively promote our services.  If you have any ideas please let me know!  As a general rule we are going to use this newsletter to give information on our therapists, special deals that we have and Youtube clips on how to massage/meditate/practice yoga etc

The Breathe blog has about  three or four posts each week providing general wellbeing news on psychology, hypnotherapy and physical therapies.  Breathe Facebook and Twitter will promote all of the above but if you follow us on Twitter we will also use this to promote flash sales – for example if we are quiet we will do half price massages etc

This months special deals

–          Two, one hour sessions of lymphatic drainage massage plus a one hour nutrition consultation with Jo Lewin for just £99 Detox offer

–          First session of Positive Psychology Coaching with Andy, Charlotte or Madeleine for just £40 . Find out about the interventions which science has demonstrated raise your wellbeing levels – Positive Psychology Coaching

–          First session of hypnotherapy – half price Hypnotherapy

–          25% savings on our massage prices if you buy a course of treatments – share with friends and colleagues – Massage courses

–          Off peak student massages for just £35 Student rates




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