Learning to feel energy using Tai Chi

Chi” is a kind of internal electricity which many eastern cultures believe is the very ‘life essence’ of all living things. Tai Chi players learn to feel Chi so that later it may be directed to specific areas where healing is needed or used for increased power and resilience during combat.

Try this exercise to bring powerful chi energy into your hands.


Stand in the Tai Chi posture with arms down and palms facing forward. Let your breath sink to the lower tan tien or abdomen (see last issue). After a few calming breaths, on the next ‘in’ breath let the palms float up to chest height. On the ‘out’ breath turn the palms over so that they face down and let the arms float down again. Repeat this cycle several times until you feel that the arm movements are completely in synch with your ‘in’ and ‘out’ breaths. Take care to keep everything relaxed particularly the shoulders and palms.


Now begin to imagine that as the hands float up that you are holding two small bags of sand, one in each palm. Feel the extra weight on your palms as you breath in. As you breath out imagine that you are pushing down through warm water. Feel the slight resistance on your palms as the arms once more float downwards on the ‘out’ breath. Repeat this sequence for at least 24 cycles and then after an ‘out’ breath with the arms down, slowly turn the palms to face each other, they will be about 18 inches apart at this point.

Slowly start to bring the palms together, very slowly as if it would take a week for them to touch. Notice any sensations that begin to occur between or around the hands. The feelings can be quite strong but don’t be alarmed it’s just ‘chi’. When you have finished exploring how it feels put this good energy back into your tan tien or share it to someone who may need it.
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