Learn an amazing way to boost your energy levels

One of the most important energy centres in the Tai chi system is the “Tan Tien” (lower energy field). It is situated three finger widths below the naval and mid-way between the front and back of the body.

Try this exercise to increase awareness of the Tan Tien and to improve your ability to quickly find inner stillness whenever you need it.

Standing in the Tai Chi posture (see last issue) or lying on your back, rest your hands on your tummy and begin to just notice your breathing. Not trying to change anything about how you breathe, just enjoying watching in a calm and unconcerned way as your mind becomes clearer and more relaxed.

Next start to breathe a little deeper, making the hands on your abdomen gently rise and fall with each ‘in’ and ‘out’ breath. Imagine a place of stillness, safety and peace at the centre of your abdomen and with each breath imagine that you sink a little deeper into this comfortable place. Resting in the stillness you have created ask your “judging mind’ to be quiet for a while and know that in this moment, while you take this breath, everything is just as it should be, In this moment nothing can be added and nothing can be taken away. Each time a stray thought, doubt or worry comes into your head just think of it as a cloud and watch it float by as you gently bring your mind back to your quiet centre and continue watching each breath. Try this for 21 breaths each day and go to this place whenever you feel the need to be calmer or more centred.

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