About the values and ethos of Breathe London


This month’s wellbeing newsletter is about our ethos and why we choose to base ourselves in a community centre on the Southbank. The Colombo Centre is a not for profit organization managed by a Charitable Trust, the Jubilee Hall Trust and is overseen by a voluntary board of trustees from Coin St Community Builders.

Every pound spent by the gym members, tennis players, footballers, people coming to yoga classes and the thousands of other users of the centre is either invested back into the centre or supports local community programs. These include childhood obesity programs, youth development and many activities for the elderly in Lambeth and Southwark. All of the rental income from Breathe London is ploughed back into the centre and directly supports their wonderful programs. We are proud to play our part in drawing people to a unique wellbeing facility in Central London. We choose to base ourselves in the centre because Lambeth and Southwark has been our home for the last 15 years and we think that we thrive more when our community thrives.

We also have a unique arrangement with the therapists working  at Breathe London. Our team includes, massage therapists, acupuncturists, life coaches, nutrition therapists, yoga and tai chi teachers and hypnotherapists. When you see any of the team from Breathe, 75% of the money that you spend they keep. The remaining 25% covers our rental costs or is re-invested in our beautiful treatment rooms. This is a unique structure in London. When you go to other wellbeing practices the therapist may be receiving as little as £8 an hour.

The way we have structured the business means that every time you come for a treatment your wellbeing comes first our therapists receive a fair return for their energy and caring and your local community benefits.

To many people we are known as a problem solving sports injury clinic and acupuncture centre. However we believe that healthy bodies and minds go hand in hand and therefore also have a team of other wellbeing consultants

Madeleine, Charlotte, Erika and Andy offer Life coaching, Positive Psychology Coaching, Personality testing and Hypnotherapy – Breathe Coaching

In the workplace we run corporate wellbeing events, emotional intelligence coaching and stress management – Breathe Psychology at Work

Jo offers one to one nutrition therapy – Breathe Nutrition therapy

Keith and Andy provide Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation courses – Breathe Yoga & Tai Chi

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