Weekend therapies – £10 off

From this Saturday Claudia is starting a Saturday clinic from 10.30am to 2.30pm.  She will be working alternate Saturdays with other therapists.  This week she is offering Sports & Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage and Lymphatic drainage all for £40 for a one hour session.  To book either mail us back or call the Colombo Centre on 0207 261 1658

Also check out our new Thursday Rolfing therapy with Keith.  At Breathe we focus on therapies that make a profound difference to your wellbeing and are tried and tested. To read more about Rolfing and how to book a session go to Rolfing at Breathe
Because of our strong belief of the connection between mind and body our business is a combination of physical therapies, western psychology and yoga.  Ida Rolf developed rolfing in the 1950s. She believed that transformation of the mind and body went hand in hand. “Do we run because we are scared or are we scared because we run”

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We are also keeping the prices of our massage courses the same. Details of how to buy courses using our easy to use shopping trolley are at Breathe Massage Courses . You can share courses with friends and colleagues. For example you can buy a course of ten thirty-minute massages for just £22 per massage, a saving of over 35%.


Other lifestyle benefits can be found at www.bprlondon.com



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