Positive Psychology

Breathe is a London based wellbeing business specialising in the fusion of ideas from Positive Psychology, Yoga and Massage Therapies.  Our physical therapy centre is based on the London’s South Bank and we run Business Psychology and Personal Development courses throughout the UK and online.

Our fortnightly newsletters include special offers on our personal development courses, Yoga and Massage Therapies. We also present short articles on how to optimise your physical and emotional wellbeing.  This week we are looking at what it means to flourish in your career.  Many studies have indicated that being engaged and passionate about your career has lots of benefits. You are less likely to suffer from the consequences of stress and more likely to feel energised outside of work. Within work your productivity, career prospects and creativity are all likely to improve.
How engaged you are with your work may be down to many complex factors including; feeling authentic in your role, having sufficient skills and training, being appreciated, being free from distractions as well as being rewarded fairly. The switch from feeling engaged and energised to feeling isolated and disengaged can happen very quickly. If the factors underlying disengagement are not identified quickly, this may lead you to feel that the only option is to head for the door or your employer may make that choice for you.
It’s really useful to monitor how you feel about work and then examine what works well for you and what leaves you cold. Look for the things that give you a buzz and see how you can invest more of your time in them. Make the most of the positive people that surround you; they are there to celebrate achievements and strengths with and are a great asset when times are tough. Strive to be the best that you can be, but count your blessings and keep your feet on the ground.
To help you measure how satisfied you are with your career as well as your life in general, take our free online psychometric tests and we promise to get your results back to you within 3 days. We’ll also send you tips from Positive Psychology about how to feel more engaged at work and satisfied with your life.
For our latest Massage therapy offers go to www.breathe-london.com/massage.

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